by  Dr. K. B. Napier

Time and again in this ministry we receive communications that deny God’s election of human beings to salvation. Most of them are vicious. All of them are wrong, as they present a hotch-potch of ideas gleaned from Arminian writers who loathe the sovereignty of God.

‘Free-Will’ is paraded before us as a reason why we may choose salvation and God, even though ‘free-will’ is a non-starter intellectually and theologically. In this article I will show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God elects us to salvation. We will look at election, foreknowledge and predestination, and will see that my assertion is right… it HAS to be, because it is what God says in His word!

No genuine Christian can ignore the fact that God’s word contains clear statements on these three doctrinal teachings. They are there, in black and white! Only those who reject God and His plan of salvation can ignore what is plainly written.

The Elect

We see the basis of election in the Old Testament, apart from the fact that God called Abraham out of Ur to become the patriarch of the Hebrews, even before he knew what his part in God’s will would be.

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God Chooses Who Will be Saved – “Everything Else is a Lie”.