“Rejected silver” (Jeremiah 6:30)

“Nothing but leaves” (Mark 11:13)

“Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth” 
(1 John 3:18).

“You have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead” (Revelation 3:1)

If we profess to have any religion at all, let us be careful that it is 
authentic. I say it emphatically, and I repeat the saying: Let us be 
careful that our religion is authentic.

What do I mean when I use the word “authentic.” I mean that which is 
genuine, and sincere, and honest, and thorough. I mean that which is not 
inferior, and hollow, and formal, and false, and counterfeit, and sham, 
and nominal. “Authentic” religion is not mere show, and pretense, and 
skin-deep feeling, and temporary profession, and works only on the 
outside. It is something inward, solid, substantial, intrinsic, living, 
lasting. We know the difference between counterfeit and authentic 
money–between solid gold and tinsel–between plated metal and 
silver–between authentic stone and plaster imitation. Let us think of 
these things as we consider the subject of this paper. What is the 
character of our religion? Is it authentic? It may be weak, and feeble, 
and mingled with many defects. That is not the point before us today. 
Is our religion authentic? Is it true?

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