Samuel at Gilgal

Augustus TopladyMan is not equal or superior to God that he may confound God’s decree of election. Silly ideas, which make God’s Will dependent totally upon the will of man, make God no God at all. Augustus Montague Toplady writes:

Nothing can be more contrary to sound doctrine, and even to sound reason, than this. It proceeds on a supposition that man is beforehand with God in the business of salvation; and that the resolutions of God’s will are absolutely dependent on the will of his creatures: that he has, in short, created a set of sovereign beings, from whom he receives law; and that his own purpose and conduct are shaped and regulated according to the prior self-determinations of independent man. What is this but atheism in a mask? For where is the difference between the denial of a first cause and the assignation of a false one?

Quite opposite…

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