VishnuI recently read an article regarding the Hindu festival “Kumbh Mela” where participants, amid much religious ceremony, bathe themselves in the Ganges river for the washing away of their sins (view article HERE).  They smear themselves with ashes and sand, pray prescribed prayers, and then descend into the water.  To most of us in the West, this ritual sounds odd.  Praying to Hindu gods, carrying out certain rituals at a designated religious location, and then going into river water to be cleansed of sin?  How, we enlightened Christians of the West ask ourselves, can such activities remove the guilt of sin?  It strikes us as the pagan invention of man and Satan, does it not?

Please allow me to switch gears for a moment (we will come back to the Kumbh Mela in just a moment).  You who claim Christianity, may I ask you a question?  How do you…

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