carthorseEvery one should strive to continually improve, right?  Well, yes.  But we must be very careful when it comes to improving our actions and behaviors,  or our avoidance of sins.  Are we trying to improve ourselves and cease sinning because we are trying to be in right standing with God?  If this is the case, we are rejecting Christ’s work on the Cross!  It is the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, the atonement He won for us, that makes us in right standing with God.  He paid the fines His people owe (fines dictated by God’s law) so that they would be found righteous in the eyes of the Holy Court.  Period.  Sin will bring brokenness, grief, conviction and much other turmoil, but if you think that “being better next time” will make you right with God you are worshipping the idol of your own goodness.  Saved means saved.  Sin should be…

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