Shade of the Moriah Tree

Great Beginnings Grave Endings

1 Samuel Chapters 9, 10 and 31

ASIDE FROM THE ‘Fall of Man’, the biographical account of King Saul has to be one of the most – if not the most – lamentable and pitiable human events recorded in Scripture.

Saul began great only to end in horror. Many who start off well end bad; many who start bad finish good in the economy of God’s grace.

Saul had so many positive and prosperous factors that paved the way to him possibly being Israel’s greatest king:

  • in all of Israel, none were more handsome than Saul (this being the least of all).
  • he had a sensitive conscience.
  • though he was of humble beginnings he was quickly exalted to royalty.
  • the Spirit of the Lord frequently descended on him powerfully.
  • he was given another heart by the Lord.
  • God was with him in whatever he did.
  • he won favour in the…

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