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Shade of the Moriah Tree

Bible's Symphony

THE BIBLE, IN its entirety, is a beautiful symphonic revelation of God’s mind and plan of salvation for a lost humanity. Each part makes up the whole; every detail, by God’s wisdom, has been written for our instruction, no matter how insignificant, irrelevant and unappealing certain passages may seem. They are there because God has purposed them to be there and as we grow in Him, we come to discover more of Scripture’s incredible harmony. It is without dispute that the more we advance in our Christian pilgrimage, our amazement and love for the Scriptures increase. We come to find that God’s written Word is inexhaustible; over-familiarity with Scripture is an impossibility for those who walk with God. The greatest preachers, after ministering for half a century, felt they had barely begun to mine and expound its endless treasures, yet the congregants would testify to the fact that their hearts…

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Samuel at Gilgal

William GurnallChristians, God and angels are observing you as children of the Most High God. Your every exploit of faith against sin and the devil results in a shout in heaven. William Gurnall writes:

The fearful are in the forlorn of those that march for hell, Rev. 21; the violent and valiant are they, which take heaven by force: cowards never won heaven. Say not that thou hast royal blood running in thy veins, and art begotten of God, except thou canst prove thy pedigree by this heroic spirit, to dare to be holy despite men and devils. The eagle tries her young ones by the sun; Christ tries his children by their courage that dare to look on the face of death and danger for his sake, Mark 8:34, 35. O how uncomely a sight is it to see, a bold sinner and a fearful saint, one resolved to be…

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Shade of the Moriah Tree

Abyss to the Heights

THE ABYSS OF Christ’s sacrificial death mirrors the heinousness of humanity’s sin; His resurrection gives evidence to the immeasurable heights of our unmerited justification and union with Him – the unsearchable riches of Christ.

– M.A. Williams

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Samuel at Gilgal

BibleI often wonder about things like, “Will there be remedial classes on reading the Bible in heaven for those Christians who spent little time reading it here on earth?” Maybe in heaven, God has a way to pour the Scriptures into our heads and we are given instant knowledge of its contents. Of course, we had rather have this gift now because we lack the self-discipline to study the Bible on our own.

On one occasion, I walked into a teacher’s classroom after school to discover that she and another teacher were having a lively discussion about whether Christians were the only ones going to heaven. They knew I was a Christian and invited me to join the discussion. I sat on the edge of a table and listened. In the meantime, a third teacher joined us from a nearby classroom as I listened to the conversation. Before I could…

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Samuel at Gilgal

PreachingAn area in which Reformed churches are weak is the failure to explain the necessity and nature of repentance. The duty, nature, and fruits of repentance must be clearly preached to our congregations. According to Al Martin:

[M]uch contemporary preaching is defective in that it lacks solid doctrinal substance. We have suffered from a mentality that has regarded doctrine and theology as some form of a medieval hobgoblin! The fact of the matter is that truth is beautiful in its unity and symmetry. Doctrinal preaching is that preaching which is always disciplined by the framework of the whole counsel of God. It refuses imbalance and lopsidedness, and seeks to set every individual facet of truth into the context of the whole spectrum of divine truth. These first two factors must be fused together in an ever-increasing measure in the life of the true servant of Christ. Doctrinal preaching which is…

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In His Wisdom

Samuel at Gilgal

Jerry BridgesJerry Bridges:

God is completely sovereign. God is infinite in wisdom. God is perfect in love. God in His love always wills what is best for us. In His wisdom, He always knows what is best, and in His sovereignty, He has the power to bring it about.

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What we might have been

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon

The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  The following excerpt is from The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, volume 11, sermon number 616, “The special call and the unfailing result.”

“How gracious that calling must have been since it came to you from God; came to you irresistibly, and came to you with such personal demonstration!”

Some of you were drunkards, were profane, were injurious. Many of you cared neither for God nor man. How often have you mocked at God’s word! How frequently have you despised God’s ministers! How constantly has the holy name of the Most High been used in a flippant, if not in a profane manner by you! and yet for all that, he fixed his eye upon you and would not withdraw it; and when you spurned the grace that would have saved you, still he followed you, determined to save, till at last, in the appointed time, he got the grasp of you and would not let you go until he had made you his friend, turned your heart to love him, and made your spirit obedient to his grace.

Pyromaniacs: What we might have been.

Even in the midst of severe trials and testing Job spoke of God’s omnipresence. Have a look at his own words.

Job 7:17-:19  ” What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him? And that thou shouldest visit him every morning, and try him every moment?  How long wilt thou not depart from me, nor let me alone till I swallow down my spittle? “

Is it any wonder that we hear of the patience of the prophets and of the patience of Job ?

James 5:10-:11  ” Take, my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience.  Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy. “



 I received a message from a dear Brother in Melbourne, Australia. He assures me that our Lord will not return on my tomorrow, for my Brother in Melbourne is already there.  My reply was,” Thank you Brother, but it is a bit odd speaking to one that is at or in my tomorrow.” His reply to my reply was, ” Yes, it is a bit odd, it’s kind of like speaking to one that is at or in my yesterday. Hmmm ?

Shade of the Moriah Tree

Spiritual Warfare

IF YOU’RE SERIOUS about God, the devil will be serious about you; if you’re spiritual in prayer you can be certain of spiritual warfare; if you’re grounded in Christ, then fear no power of hell ‘claiming’ the grounds to prevail against you.

– M.A. Williams

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What New Testament Evangelism Is Not


There is no true evangelism without the doctrine of sin, and without an understanding of what sin is. I do not want to be unfair, but I say that a gospel which merely says “Come to Jesus”, and offers Him as a Friend, and offers a marvelous new life, without convicting of sin, is not New Testament evangelism. The essence of evangelism is to start by preaching the law; and it is because the law has not been preached that we have so much superficial evangelism . . . evangelism must start with the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man and the eternal consequences of evil and wrong-doing. It is only the man who has been brought to see his guilt in this way who flies to Christ for deliverance and redemption.

—D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, quoted in The Old Evangelicalism (Banner of Truth, 2005), 69. [Original source: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount (London: IVF, 1959), 1:235.]


The Thirsty Theologian: What New Testament Evangelism Is Not.

Samuel at Gilgal

Sir Ambrose FlemmingSir Ambrose Flemming, British electrical engineer and inventor:

“Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

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“Revivals of the Human Sort”

In the late nineteenth century, writes Iain Murray, preaching of the fear of God fell on hard times. It was thought that conversion should be made simple, so that greater results might be achieved. Christians were no longer described as “God fearing”; the emphasis now was on “happy.” Charles Spurgeon was among a minority who rejected the idea, insisting that the fear of God and conviction of sin must precede any genuine happiness. The happy Christian, he believed, was one who first learned a holy fear of God.


Spurgeon had no doubt that superficial evangelism was a major contributing cause for the absence of converts of this type. Far too many ‘results’ were impermanent:

imgWe have had plenty of revivals of the human sort, and their results have been sadly disappointing. Under excitement nominal converts have been multiplied: but where are they after a little testing? I am sadly compelled to own, so far as I can observe, there has been much sown, and very little reaped that was worth reaping. Our hopes were a flattering dream; but the apparent result has vanished like a vision in the night. But where the Spirit of God is really at work the converts stand. [Charles Spurgeon, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, 27:531. Read sermon online: The Pentecostal Wind and Fire.]

The Holy Ghost is come to convince of sin. It is absolutely necessary that men should be convinced of sin. The fashionable theology is – ‘Convince men of the goodness of God: show them the universal fatherhood and assure them of unlimited mercy. Win them by God’s love, but never mention his wrath against sin, or the need of an atonement, or the possibility of there being a place of punishment. Do not censure poor creatures for their failings. Do not judge and condemn. Do not search the heart or lead men to be low-spirited and sorrowful. Comfort and encourage, but never accuse and threaten. Yes, that is the way of man; but the way of the Spirit is very different. He comes on purpose to convince of sin, to make men feel that they are guilty, greatly guilty – so guilty that they are lost, ruined and undone. He comes to make sin appear sin, and to let us see its fearful consequences. He comes to wound so that no human balm can heal; to kill so that no earthly power can make us live. What is it that makes the beauty and excellence of human righteousness to wither as the green herb? Isaiah says it is ‘because the Spirit of the Lord bloweth upon it’. There is a withering work of the Holy Spirit which we must experience, or we shall never know his quickening and restoring power. This withering is a most needed experience, and just now needs much to be insisted on. Today we have so many built up who were never pulled down; so many filled who were never emptied; so many exalted who were never humbled; that I the more earnestly remind you that the Holy Ghost must convince us of sin, or we cannot be saved.

This work is most necessary, because without it there is no leading men to receive the gospel of the grace of God. We cannot make any headway with certain people because they profess faith very readily, but they are not convinced of anything. ‘Oh, yes, we are sinners, no doubt, and Christ died for sinners’: that is the free-and-easy way with which they handle heavenly mysteries, as if they were the nonsense verses of a boy’s exercise, or the stories of Mother Goose. This is all mockery, and we are weary of it, but get near a real sinner, and you have found a man you can deal with: I mean the man who is a sinner, and no mistake, and mourns in his inmost soul that he is so. In such and man you will find one who will welcome the gospel, welcome grace, and welcome a Saviour. [Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, 29:125–126. Read sermon online: The Holy Spirit’s Threefold Conviction of Men.]

There is an urgent need today for the recovery of the truth about conversion. A widespread controversy on this subject would be a healthy wind to blow away a thousand lesser things. A renewed fear of God would end much worldly thinking and silence a multitude of raucous services. There has been much talk of more evangelism, and many hopes of revival, but Sourgeon would teach us that the need is to go back to first things.

—Iain Murray, The Old Evangelicalism (Banner of Truth, 2005), 66–68.


The Thirsty Theologian: “Revivals of the Human Sort”.

Shade of the Moriah Tree

Pride Before a Fall

EXCESS SUCCESS WILL more often than not lead us to spiritually digress.

– M.A. Williams

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The Old Guys


God is more wise than the chemist: he not only refines gold, but he transmutes base metal into precious jewels; he takes the filthiest and the vilest, and fashions them into glorious beings, makes them saints, whereas they have been sinners, and sanctifies them, whereas they have been unholy.

~Charles Spurgeon~

Spurgeon’s Sermons (Spokane, Washington; Olive Tree Bible Software; 2010) eBook. Vol. 1, Sermon No. 16; Titled: Paul’s First Prayer; Delivered on Sabbath Morning, March 25th, 1855.

Books by Charles Spurgeon

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Biography of Charles Spurgeon

Other Spurgeon Quotes

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