The title of this post should catch one’s eye, their mind, and their heart. If the title doesn’t do these three things, the article will.

Shade of the Moriah Tree

Bible's Symphony

THE BIBLE, IN its entirety, is a beautiful symphonic revelation of God’s mind and plan of salvation for a lost humanity. Each part makes up the whole; every detail, by God’s wisdom, has been written for our instruction, no matter how insignificant, irrelevant and unappealing certain passages may seem. They are there because God has purposed them to be there and as we grow in Him, we come to discover more of Scripture’s incredible harmony. It is without dispute that the more we advance in our Christian pilgrimage, our amazement and love for the Scriptures increase. We come to find that God’s written Word is inexhaustible; over-familiarity with Scripture is an impossibility for those who walk with God. The greatest preachers, after ministering for half a century, felt they had barely begun to mine and expound its endless treasures, yet the congregants would testify to the fact that their hearts…

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