Shade of the Moriah Tree


Unlike my usual posts, this is well worth some 15 minutes of your time. My heart’s fervent desire and prayer is that God will raise up more leaders in our churches who fear God and not man and more leaders in the political realm who fight for justice and righteousness no matter what the cost.

Clare Daly may be an atheist, but she has more ‘guts’ (boldness) than many who are theists; she may be a liberal, but she has hit the nail right on the head here. I’m proud of her uncompromising stand to expose corruption for what it is, despite what it may cost her. If she does nothing else in the political realm, she has outdone herself; she has done what public servants ought to do. Clare Daly has the ‘spirit’ of Margaret Thatcher who is not afraid to ‘call it for what it is’.

Some of…

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