Shade of the Moriah Tree

C.T. Studd

AS WE READ and hear the accounts of present-day Christian persecution and martyrdom throughout the Middle and Far Eastern regions, the great possibility of it becoming a reality on our own soil unsettles many believers. This is something we have to seriously consider and evaluate in light of Christianity’s future here in the United States of America.

“I count not my life dear unto myself” Paul stated. Here was a man who died daily. David Davies (missionary to the Congo) said, “You need to be in a position of danger to appreciate that. I remember standing in front of rebels, who were drugged and drunk, they had guns, they had spears, they had bows and arrows and they had machetes. And they said, ‘White man, you’re going to die today.’ That shakes you. You measure up your faith; you measure up your hope for heaven; it all flashes…

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