As incredible as it may now seem, the entire history of Western education is steeped in the Christian faith. In fact, it is quite likely that without the foundational work of the Church, the modern world would not exist.

Without exemplary Christians like Charlemagne, Christian missionaries, and their worldview, there would be no modern university. Further, schools for the poor, or literacy programs would probably not have been launched without belief that each person needed to be able to read to access God’s Word.

Ironically, after helping establish the modern world, the formerly Christian-created university systems have been co-opted to be used as a relentless battering ram against faith, church and God. Yet, at the same time intellectual standards have utterly fallen, the West appears on the brink of lapsing into a new Dark Age. If America is to last into the new millennium, we must repent of this move towards darkness, reject our spiritual coma and once again embrace the light of intellectual rigor and the search for truth.


How Education, Literacy & the University Came From Christianity & Are Dying Without It.