Shade of the Moriah Tree

john 4 34

IF GOD’S WILL is not central in my life I have no right, as a child of God, to draw sustenance and enjoyment from anything else.

Is there anything that satisfies other than Jesus Christ? A child of God will not find complete satisfaction in anything else but in Christ, where one’s heart knows no bounds. Living in the will of God meets the aching abyss of each heart.

When God has come near to a group of people in prayer meetings and fellowship, time seems to be of no significance (a profound sense of eternity becomes the prevalent note) and bodily appetites are curbed for joy in the presence of God. His presence indeed becomes our ‘food’. Of course, we have bodily needs – God has made us that way, but self has made them predominant to where we may have exceeded our needs to the point of greed…

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