In Death, We Live


The father raised the knife. The boy bared his throat. If God had slept an instant, the lad would have been dead. I could not have watched. I am not able in my thoughts to follow. The lad was as a sheep for the slaughter. Never in history was there such obedience, save only in Christ. But God was watching, and all the angels. The father raised his knife; the boy did not wince. The angel cried, “Abraham, Abraham!” See how divine majesty is at hand in the hour of death. We say, “In the midst of life we die.” God answers, “Nay, in the midst of death, we live.”

—Martin Luther, cited in Roland Bainton, Here I Stand (Meridian, 1995), 289–290.

Posted 2013·08·06 by David Kjos

The Thirsty Theologian: In Death, We Live.