Published on Feb 9, 2013

Christian parents have the responsibility of raising their children under the fear and admonishing of the Lord. After Christ, they are to be the principal disciplers in the lives of Christian children. It is not choice, it is a command that Christ have given to his Church – see Prov 22:6; Luke 6:40. But, with 90 percent of Evangelical Americans electing to have their children be educated by the government from the crib until adulthood, many so called Christians are not honoring the calling that Christ has made all Christian parents responsible for: training and teaching their child within an environment that nurtures the development of the Christian worldview. Voodie Baucham, Pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church, layouts out the history of government education and its effect on the Church in America and the role of the Church in the area of the education of our children.


via Whoever Controls The Schools, Controls The World – YouTube.