Shade of the Moriah Tree

fire in your heart

WHEN IT COMES to books there’s nothing like holding a hardback, clothbound ‘Banner of Truth’ in your hands. In comparison to other books, they are a work of art. Their quality is superior to other well known publishers. They are heavier in weight – not like others that defy the law of gravity if you were to drop them. The pages consist of the finest paper with a smooth textured finish and feel to the hands – not the crude type that is almost an irritant to the fingertips. Their pages comprise of an off-white creamy hue which makes it gentler on the eyes – not the dazzling bleached-white effect where one reaches for solar eclipse shades to reduce the glare. Last, but not least, the hallmark of Banner’s hardbacks (which, I admit, is not confined to these alone – but they don’t q-u-i-t-e do it as well as Banner!)…

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