Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


One major thesis in Carl Trueman’s The Creedal Imperative, is that all Christians have creeds. He argues well that no Christian or church simply believes the Bible. In other words, no Christian, when asked what they believe, is going to start reading Genesis 1:1 and end at Revelation 22:21. Every church and Christian will give a summary of what they believe when asked. That is essentially their creed or confession.

Trueman tells the story of a man who once told him that he had “no creed but the Bible.”   He then writes, “What he really should have said was: I have a creed but I am not going to write it down, so you cannot critique it; and I am going to identify my creed so closely with the Bible that I am not going to be able to critique it either.”

“There are numerous obvious ironies here, not…

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