Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


You gotta love Carl Trueman. He just says a thing so crisply and clearly. I envy his students at Westminster Theological Seminary, it must be an absolute joy to attend his lectures on a regular basis. Here he writes about the contemporary abuse of the phrase “semper reformanda“:

“One of the great clichés in the church of recent years has been the hackneyed phrase ‘ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est’, which translates as something like ‘the reformed church is always in need of reforming’. In the hands of many of today’s church people, this has taken on the status of a virtual axiomatic truth, to the extent that it may surprise some that the phrase is not actually found in the Bible nor, as far as I can see, in the works of the major 16th-century Reformers. Of course, the principle is a good one, as long as one…

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