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Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


“We grant, indeed, that so long as we are pilgrims in the world faith is implicit, not only because as yet many things are hidden from us, but because, involved in the mists of error, we attain not to all. The highest wisdom, even of him who has attained the greatest perfection, is to go forward, and endeavor in a calm and teachable spirit to make further progress. Hence Paul exhorts believers to wait for further illumination in any matter in which they differ from each other, Phil. 3:15). And certainly experience teaches, that so long as we are in the flesh, our attainments are less than is to be desired. In our daily reading we fall in with many obscure passages which convict us of ignorance. With this curb God keeps us modest, assigning to each a measure of faith, that every teacher, however excellent, may still be disposed…

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Shade of the Moriah Tree

fire in your heart

WHEN IT COMES to books there’s nothing like holding a hardback, clothbound ‘Banner of Truth’ in your hands. In comparison to other books, they are a work of art. Their quality is superior to other well known publishers. They are heavier in weight – not like others that defy the law of gravity if you were to drop them. The pages consist of the finest paper with a smooth textured finish and feel to the hands – not the crude type that is almost an irritant to the fingertips. Their pages comprise of an off-white creamy hue which makes it gentler on the eyes – not the dazzling bleached-white effect where one reaches for solar eclipse shades to reduce the glare. Last, but not least, the hallmark of Banner’s hardbacks (which, I admit, is not confined to these alone – but they don’t q-u-i-t-e do it as well as Banner!)…

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A Particular Baptist Blog

Philpot 01Are you not often a mystery to yourself? Warm one moment, cold the next; abasing yourself one half-hour, exalting yourself the following; loving the world, full of it, steeped up to your lips in it to-day; crying, groaning, and sighing for a sweet manifestation of the love of God tomorrow; brought down to nothingness, covered with shame and confusion, on your knees before you leave your room; filled with pride and self-importance before you have got down stairs; despising the world, and willing to give it all up for one taste of the love of Jesus when in solitude; trying to grasp it with both hands when in business. What a mystery are you! Touched by love, and stung with enmity; possessing a little wisdom, and a great deal of folly; earthly-minded, and yet having the affections in heaven; pressing forward, and lagging behind; full of sloth, and yet taking…

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 by    Voodie Baucham 

 It is difficult to go through Daniel chapter 4 without realizing that, in our day and time, Nebuchadnezzar would have been diagnosed with some type of mental disorder, medicated to the point of absurdity, and put in an institution with little or no hope of returning to a normal life.

  But, what is the Biblical view of mental health? How should we as Christians (and especially Pastors) look at the “mental health” industry? In this sermon, Pastor Voddie gives a Biblical look at these issues.

Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind –

The Old Guys

Let us therefore remember, whenever each of us contemplates his own nature, that there is one God who so governs all natures that he would have us look unto him, direct our faith to him, and worship and call upon him. For nothing is more preposterous than to enjoy the very remarkable gifts that attest the divine nature within us, yet to overlook the Author who gives them to us at our asking.

~John Calvin~

Institutes of the Christian Religion, Volumes 1 & 2, ed. John T. McNeill, trans. Ford Lewis Battles, The Library of Christian Classics (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2011) Vol. 1.5.6. p. 58-59.

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Published on Feb 9, 2013

Christian parents have the responsibility of raising their children under the fear and admonishing of the Lord. After Christ, they are to be the principal disciplers in the lives of Christian children. It is not choice, it is a command that Christ have given to his Church – see Prov 22:6; Luke 6:40. But, with 90 percent of Evangelical Americans electing to have their children be educated by the government from the crib until adulthood, many so called Christians are not honoring the calling that Christ has made all Christian parents responsible for: training and teaching their child within an environment that nurtures the development of the Christian worldview. Voodie Baucham, Pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church, layouts out the history of government education and its effect on the Church in America and the role of the Church in the area of the education of our children.


via Whoever Controls The Schools, Controls The World – YouTube.

The Sovereign Logos


For whom did Christ die? From whom was the Father’s wrath turned away? What does it mean when John writes that Christ is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world?

A.W. Pink explains!

However men may quibble and wrest the Scriptures, one thing is certain: The Atonement is no failure. God will not allow that precious and costly sacrifice to fail in accomplishing, completely, that which it was designed to effect. Not a drop of that holy blood was shed in vain. In the last great Day there shall stand forth no disappointed and defeated Saviour, but One who shall see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied” (Isa. 53:11). These are not our words, but the infallible assertion of Him who declares, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure” (Isa. 64:10). Upon this impregnable rock we…

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Fókuszban az Ige / The Word in Focus

crossOlyan hívő vagy, aki még több szentségre vágysz? Olyan hívő vagy, aki úgy találod, hogy a szíved még mindig túlontúl kész arra, hogy a földi dolgokat szeresse? Neked is azt mondom akkor, hogy “Nézz Krisztus keresztjére!” Nézz a keresztre, gondolj a keresztre, elmélkedj sokat a keresztről – és menj, így próbáld meg szeretni a világot, ha tudod! Hiszem, hogy a szentséget sehol nem lehet jobban megtanulni, mint hitben a Golgota előtt állva. Hiszem, hogy nem lehet sokáig nézni a keresztre anélkül, hogy ne éreznéd: az akaratod megszentelődik, és az érzelmi irányultságod, ízlésed szellemibbé válik. Mint a fénylő nap, amikor belenézünk, minden mást elhomályosít, s azok sötétnek és fényük-vesztettének tűnnek – így sötétíti el a kereszt e világ minden hamis ragyogását. Mint ahogy a megízlelt méz után minden más egyéb étel íztelennek tűnik – így veszi el a kereszt, amelyre hitben rátekintünk, a világi örömök minden tetszetősségét. Minden nap nézz hát állhatatosan…

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The Wednesday Word:
 What the Father Sees in Jesus
When we look at Jesus we see the perfections of God, but when the Father looks at Him, He sees, among other things, the perfections of man. This is why Christ is the only qualified mediator between God and man (1 Timothy 2:5).
As you remember, when God created man, He created Him in His image, but through unbelieving disobedience, man fell from his position of intimacy with the Lord. Adam failed … as has every man since then, save one.
From the time of Adam to Christ, untold multitudes of people have come and gone, but all of them have been flawed, they were all imperfect, they had lost the image of God.  They could not love God with all of their being. They were subverted with the sweat stain of sin.
But then, 2000 years ago a baby was born to a virgin, and in this child we witnessed the arrival of the last Adam, the second man (1 Corinthians 15:45, 47). He was and is the representative man, man as God had intended. This new man, though truly human, was holy, righteous and perfect in all that He did, thought and said. In man’s spiritual blindness, however, few noticed anything in Him that should be desired (Isaiah 53:2). But no matter, in Christ, the Father saw His own thoughts and intentions realized. In Christ, the Father saw a sinless, righteous life lived out before Him in perfection.
No human eye saw what the Father saw in His Son. In Christ, man saw a carpenter, a travelling preacher and a miracle worker, but in Christ, the Father saw the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person (Hebrews 1:3).  In Christ’s teachings, men heard wisdom, but in these same teachings the Father heard His very own words. In the Son’s worship, men saw only that Christ withdrew to a quiet place, but in that quiet place the Father saw and received perfect worship. Men heard the Lord Jesus pray, but the Father heard perfect pleading and perfect petitioning according to His own will.  Praying and worship like this has not been heard since, nor does it have to be, for it is already credited to the believer’s account. 
What a perfect substitute we have in the Lord Jesus. This is why He is the only one qualified to save us to the uttermost (Hebrews 7:25). By the way, is He your only confidence or is there something else you would like to add to Him?
When it comes to Jesus, is it any wonder that when the Father speaks of Him, He speaks in superlatives?  He could have simply said, “This is my Son in whom I am pleased,” but He didn’t; He said much more. He declared,“This is my ‘BELOVED’ Son in whom I am ‘WELL’ pleased.”  The Lord Jesus was the sheer delight of the Father for he loved the Father with His entire strength, soul and mind.
In Christ, we see the unfolding of the Father’s glory. We sometimes forget that we have been saved for the glory of God and the honour of His Son (Ephesians 1:5-6). We often centre too much on ourselves as being the hub of attention in salvation. We, for example, consider Christ Jesus to be our Shepherd, and so He is, but He is also Yahweh’s shepherd (Zechariah 13:7); the chosen shepherd who would be smitten. We say that Jesus is our Lamb and yes He is, but He is also God’s Lamb (John 1:29). He is the Lamb whom the Father has provided, not only to save us, but also to ensure that His justice would be satisfied. How the Father delights in the Son! May we also learn to do the same.
And that’s the Gospel Truth
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Also, feel free to contact us at
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Miles McKee
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A Particular Baptist Blog

Ephesians 2:8-9   For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

A. W. Pink (1886-1952)The distinguishing grace of God is seen in saving those people whom He has sovereignly singled out to be His high favorites. By “distinguishing” we mean that grace discriminates, makes differences, chooses some and passes by others. It was distinguishing grace which selected Abraham from the midst of his idolatrous neighbors and made him “the friend of God.” It was distinguishing grace which saved “publicans and sinners,” but said of the religious Pharisees, “Let them alone” (Matt 15:14). Nowhere does the glory of God’s free and sovereign grace shine more conspicuously than in the unworthiness and unlikeliness of its objects.

Beautifully was this illustrated by James Hervey, (1751): “Where sin has abounded, says the proclamation from the court of…

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Livin' in the foothills

It is phariseeism to war against another man’s evil and not our own.


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• Fact versus Fear

Shade of the Moriah Tree


HOW UNFORTUNATE TO be more convinced by our forecastings, fears and feelings rather than being persuaded that God – Who shall never break His covenant with His people – ever watches over us, ever guides us, ever provides the best and will never abandon us nor ever remove from us His perfect and everlasting Fatherly-love.

– M.A. Williams

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It is my early morning habit to watch the sun rise in my backyard with a good cup of coffee and to listen for a Word from God. This morning it was beautiful, but somewhat cloudy. The following text was brought to my memory as I watched and listened for the slightest glimpse of the Glory of God. He truly blessed my soul.

Nahum 1:3 “The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.”


Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

Our Almighty God is good my friends !

Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


“[An idol] is anything more important to you than God, anything that absorbs your heart and imagination more than God, anything you seek to give you what only God can give.”

“A counterfeit god is anything so central and essential to your life that, should you lose it, your life would feel hardly worth living.  An idol has such a controlling position in your heart that you can spend most of your passion and energy, your emotional and financial resources, on it without a second thought.  It can be family and children, or career and making money, or achievement and critical acclaim, or saving ‘face’ and social standing.  It can be a romantic relationship, peer approval, competence and skill, secure and comfortable circumstances, your beauty or your brains, a great political or social cause, your morality and virtue, or even success in the Christian ministry.”

“When your meaning in life…

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Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


“I am only interested in an apologetic that leads in two directions, and the one is to lead people to Christ, as Saviour, and the other is that after they are Christians, for them to realize the lordship of Christ in the whole of life… if Christianity is truth, it ought to touch on the whole of life… Christianity must never be reduced merely to an intellectual system… After all, if God is there, it isn’t just an answer to an intellectual question… we’re called upon to adore him, to be in relationship to him, and, incidentally, to obey him.”

– Francis Schaeffer (1912–1984), Interview, September 30, 1980

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Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


“It is one of the characteristics of the divine word, that whenever it appears, Satan ceases to slumber and sleep. This is the surest and most unerring test for distinguishing it from false doctrines which readily betray themselves, while they are received by all with willing ears, and welcomed by an applauding world. Accordingly, for several ages, during which all things were immersed in profound darkness, almost all mankind were mere jest and sport to the god of this world, who… idled and luxuriated undisturbed. For what else could he do but laugh and sport while in tranquil and undisputed possession of his kingdom? But when light beaming from above somewhat dissipated the darkness—when the strong man arose and aimed a blow at his kingdom—then, indeed, he began to shake off his wonted torpor, and rush to arms. And first he stirred up the hands of men, that by them he might violently suppress the dawning truth; but when this availed…

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Fókuszban az Ige / The Word in Focus

J.R. Miller (1840-1912)

Koh-i-Noor-i gyémánt

A világ egyik leggyönyörűbb gyémántja a “Fény Hegye”[1] nevű gyémánt. E gyémánt Anglia tulajdonában van, jóllehet eredetileg Indiából származik. Ezt az ékkövet annak idején egy bizonyos John Lawrence nevű angol lord őrizetére bízták. Figyelmetlenségében azonban a lord egy önkéntelen mozdulattal fogta a dobozkát, amely a gyémántot rejtette, és betette a mellénye zsebébe. S mivel sok dolga volt, később aztán teljesen meg is feledkezett az értékes kőről.

Hat hónappal később azonban üzenet érkezett a királynőtől, aki azt kívánta, hogy azonnal vigyék hozzá a nagyszerű ékkövet. Lord John ekkor emlékezett rá, hogy ezt a követ őreá bízták – és saját gondatlanságára is rádöbbent. Magához hívatta szolgáját, és megkérdezte tőle, hogy nem talált-e egy kis dobozkát pár hónappal azelőtt valamelyik ruhájának a zsebében – és igen nagy nyugtalansággal várta a választ. A szolga így felelt: “Igen, Uram, megtaláltam, és az Ön fiókjainak egyikébe tettem.” Lord John megkérte, hogy hozza…

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Delight in Truth


This is an amazing image, one which we will try to spiritualize in this post.

This shoal of fish acts as one unit.  They are highly sensitive to each other’s movements and this capability allows them to move in the same direction at the same time.  When a predator attacks, they sense the intruder, and their tactile sensors allows the shoal to avoid immediate contact with it.

The body of Christ should act in a similar way.  We need to be highly in tune with each other and with sound doctrine in order to sense false teachers and prophets who bring in heretical teaching or sin.

We need to identify and isolate such intruders and avoid mingling in their teachings in the same way the shoal attempts to avoid the sharks.

Essentially every New Testament writer gives us warnings with respect to this issue.

2 Peter 2:1-2 “But false prophets…

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Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ

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